Forensic Internal Controls

Forensic Accounting

This is a service we hope you will never need.

This systematic review of financial records is designed to reveal fraud, theft, or other financial wrong-doing or misrepresentation.

A number of situations could indicate that forensic accounting is necessary, such as:

Theft – Do you have concerns about whether your company has lost money to employee theft, misappropriation of funds, or fraud? Forensic accounting will uncover the facts.

Dissolution of partnership – Fair and accurate representation of the financial position of the business is necessary in order to divide assets, price a buy-out, or distribute compensation appropriately.

Acquisition of a new business – Before you buy a business entity, you will want a thorough analysis of the financial records to ensure that there is no misrepresentation of worth or any financial irregularities.

Litigation – You need to be certain that documentation of financial position will stand up in court.

Investigation and Support

When investigation is necessary we will: 

  • Uncover the facts and offer solutions.
  • Identify your options to protect or recover assets.
  • Work with other professionals including private investigators and attorneys
  • Assist with subsequent legal action.

Our litigation support can include:

  • preparation of necessary documentation for court
  • review of all documentation to accurately assess the case
  • refutation or validation of  the damages report submitted by the opposing party
  • contribution of expertise to settlement negotiations
  • attendance at court proceedings as an expert witness and consultant for cross-examination

Typical Assignment

Owner disputes – generally relating to compensation

Personal injury claims – to determine financial loss after an accident

Insurance claims – includes a thorough review of the terms and conditions outlined in the policy

Employee investigation – to reveal the extent of the theft or fraud and advise course of action

Marital disputes – evaluation of assets and net income

Business economic losses – contract disputes, patent infringements, construction claims, breach of non-competition agreements

Contact us if you have concerns about the integrity of your financial data, employee misconduct, or any of the issues outlined here, contact us for a consultation to determine how you could benefit from our services.

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